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Managing PPC in Tough times | EP202 PPCChat Roundup

In today's episode, we have Julie Bachini again, very amazingly taking the helm on our topic of today, which is managing PPC in tough economic times. This is happening pretty much, I'd imagine, all over the globe. I know, definitely for sure, for people in the US and people in the UK for us here, petrol prices or gas prices, to my US listeners, are at an all time high.

It's been high for a while when, before it will be high for maybe a few weeks and it'll come back down. It's been high for a while now I don't know when that's going to come down. And Julie also shared a graph about other things that have been high but also very impressively she also shared a study done about things that people are likely to stop spending, on if the prices just go continues to go high. So the first few things that people are likely to give up, and those were some really interesting stats because we do have to realize these kinds of things affect the PPC trends. Conversion rate & return on ad spend might go down. Especially if you keep spending the same thing, but people stopped spending on things that are just a bit too high.

So yeah, we talk about that. Those kinds of things really need to be looked at. That graph really needs to be looked at (see below). But yeah, I hope you enjoyed as we talk about getting through, what is seemingly to be a bit of an economic crisis.

Listen to this podcast episode on ensuring that you are prepared on how the unstable economy could affect your PPC Account:

The questions covered were:

Q1 Is the current economic upheaval impacting either your PPC business and/or advertising for your clients or brand? (We will get into the specifics in the next 2 questions).

Q2 If your business is being impacted, what is the biggest impact you’re seeing?

Q3 If your clients or brand’s advertising is being impacted, what is the biggest impact you’re seeing?

Q4 What is your biggest concern with regard to the general world economy relative to PPC?

Q5 Are you doing anything differently and/or do you plan to do anything differently in the coming months due to economic conditions? If so, what? If not, why not?

Q6 Are there any bright spots or opportunities you’re seeing with the current economic conditions for either your business and/or your client or brand’s advertising?

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