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Preparing for Google Analytics 4 | EP199 PPCChat Roundup

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

In today's episode, we have awesomely Julie Bacchini takin the helm again, but she's joined by someone else. Someone who's not usually on the PPCChats discussions, because she's not technically paid media, but she does specialize in analytics.

So we have Brie Anderson co-hosting with Julie about preparing for Google analytics 4 as she's an expert in this area. And before I even try to botch it up, I'm going to give the introduction she gave. She says - "howdy, I'm Brie E Anderson here, your resident analytical nerd with a soft spot for strategy. I'm the founder of Beast analytics and digital marketing analytics and strategy consultancy, but more importantly, lover of all things, coffee and animals."

Now that's my kind of person because I love coffee and I have my little kitty cat who I absolutely love. So as I'm sure that most of you already know by now, Google analytics 4 is going to be the default i.e. the Google analytics view from next year as of June 2023.

And lots of people panicked about that. We're like, "oh my God, I am not ready for that!" And I believe Bria has a YouTube training on that. So you just go on YouTube, look for Brie E Anderson and I'm sure you'll find her training about how to get on board with Google analytics 4.

So while you're still working with your data in Universal analytics right now, make sure that you're pairing what you're doing with some GA4 learning, you know baby steps while you still have both views.

So we're going to be talking about how people have been doing that, whether they've started yet, what they're talking to their clients about that.

Listen to this podcast episode on preparing for the Google Analytics rollout:

The questions we covered were:

Q1 Have you started working with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) yet? If not, why not?

Q2 What has your experience been like using Google Analytics 4 thus far?

Q3 Are there things that are missing or hard to find or use in Google Analytics 4 that were present/easy to find or use in Universal Analytics? How are you handling this?

Q4 Are you yet or do you plan to investigate alternative analytics platforms for yourself and/or clients? If you have investigated or tested any others, which ones and how was that experience?

Q5 What is your biggest frustration in working in or preparing to work with Google Analytics 4?

Q6 How do you handle questions of attribution and ROI when the data tells conflicting stories of who was the bigger hero between SEO and PPC?

Some great resources shared:

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