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PPC + SEO - Better Together | EP198 PPCChat Roundup

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

In today's episode, we have the amazing Julie Buccini being joined by another veteran and longstanding member of this community. It's Navah Hopkins who recently started her own consutlancy but has been in the indsutry for many year.

She's a seasoned digital practitioner strategist, and speaker working in-house for, ad tech companies and even being on the PPC arm of tech SEO firms. She's also a co board member of the Paid Search Association, which is an association where we are trying to bring the best of paid search media to people starting out, in the middle of their career, people seasoned. We aim to bring content and webinars and trainings and all these kinds of things to show how to do paid search well.

We talked today about PPC and SEO and, the importance of those two departments working closely together and why it's better as PPC you work with them together.

I hope you're one that's pro PPC and SEO working together. If you're not sure about it or if you're on the fence, I hope this is the conversation that pushes you over that edge.

Listen to the podcast episode on the how PPC and SEO works better together:

The questions we covered were:

Q1 How much do you currently interact with SEOs on your team/working with your clients/stakeholders?

Q2 On a scale of 1-10 where would you put your SEO empathy (your understanding of SEO rules of engagement and why SEOs do what they do)? Are you interested in raising that number (why or why not)?

Q3 Where do you see your job ending and an SEO’s job beginning on landing pages, domains, etc? Have you experienced any conflicts in these areas with an SEO team?

Q4 What do you wish SEOs would account for and/or understood better in working with us PPCs?

Q5 Is there data that you regularly share with an SEO team and/or that you get from an SEO team? How does this impact your PPC strategy and work?

Q6 How do you handle questions of attribution and ROI when the data tells conflicting stories of who was the bigger hero between SEO and PPC?

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