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Leadership and Community in PPC | EP196 PPCChat Roundup

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

In today's episode, we have a guest host taking over from Julie - we've got the amazing Amalia Fowler. She is a veteran on this in this space as well, even though she's not really had time to join us on a regular. She is a busy lady.

She says we are stuck with her but we couldn't have someone better, honestly, in my opinion, to be stuck with while we talk about this important topic about leadership and the community in PPC.

Things like, what our roles are, so you really get to get an idea of the kind of people that ask and answer questions in this amazing community and what experience they've got to the kind of roles that they play. And then we go into talking about, what leadership looks like for us.

That's very varied as well from the kind of people who are first in the office and last one out. Or the kinds that are great for pointing people in the right direction. And then we end with fantastic appreciation posts from people as to the people we've been inspired by, veterans in this field that have just been consistently doing amazing work, year in, year out.

So I hope you enjoy us talking about all the best people to learn from in this industry.

Listen to the latest podcast episode on Leadership and Community:

The questions we covered in this discussion are:

Q1 What's your role? Are you in-house, agency, freelancer, founder? Do you manage people?

Q2 What does taking a leadership role in PPC mean to you? Note: You can lead without being a manager, and influence without being in charge!

Q3 What about leadership within the wider #PPCchat or PPC community? What does leadership look like outside of the office?

Q4 Agency, freelance, client-side, consultant, etc. It can all get a bad rep. In reality, there are pros and cons to each! What's something you wish more people knew about working in your role in PPC?

Q5 Leadership across tactics and teams is important. How do you like to work with our colleagues in SEO, CX, customer service, sales (!) etc?

Q6 Knowing your values is an important part of leadership. What is a value you hold that helps direct you in your career? PS: There's no 'wrong' values - if you value hustle then that's just as valid as someone valuing rest.

Q7 We've been talking about leadership & community in PPC today, so let's have a round of warm fuzzies and kudos. Who is someone who has influenced your journey in PPC and may not know it? Tag them, tell us about it.

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