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Performance Max with Ginny Marvin (GoogleAds Liaison) | EP192 PPCChat Roundup

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

In this week's very lively discussion - and really, this was one for the books - we had a great discussion led by Julie Bachini, as usual but she was joined by another fellow PSA board member as well as Google Ads' Liaison - Ginny Marvin. We talk about Performance Max, we ask question to the community as to whether they are using it, how they are using it, what they have found out about it and we then pose Ginny the questions that we've burning to ask about PMax - especially updates coming up. It was definitely a very exciting chat.

I compare it to having a chat about the history of HipHop with the line-up of the Superbowl Halftime show. :) So yes, talking about Performance Max with someone who works on the inside. What a treat!

Listen to this podcast episone on Performance Max Campaigns with Ginny Marvin:

Q1 Are you running/have you run any Performance Max campaigns in Google Ads?

Q2 If you have not run any Performance Max campaigns yet, why have you not tried them?

Q3 How has the performance of your Performance Max campaigns been?

Q4 What is your biggest challenge with Performance Max campaigns?

Q5 Is there anything you wish were different about Performance Max campaigns (could be set up, viewing data, etc.)?

Updates shared:

- Item ID report for shopping ads is now avaialble

- One click migration of local ads to Performance Max is coming soon

- Ability to edit PMax in editor is going to be available in the next Editor update

- PMax doesn't cannibalise keywords and if you have the exact keyword that is being searched in your keyword list, your bidded keyword will be prioritised

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