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Frederick Vallaey's Unlevel The Playing Field | EP191 PPCChat Roundup

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

In this week's episode we had special guest and my fellow Paid Search Association (PSA) board member and author of not just one but two books on Paid Search automation. The first one called Digital Marketing in AI World and more recenlty (released earch 2022), Unlevel the Playing Field. We are here joined by Frederick Vallaeys founder of Optmyzr.

We talked to him about some of the questions he posed in his book and the answers he gives and just basically how we can adapt in an ever automation tunring PPC world.

Listen to this podcast episode on Optmysr's Frederick Vallaey's latest book Unlevel the Playing Field:

The questions we covered were:

Q1 How much automation are you currently using in your Google Ads accounts? What types are you using?

Q2 Do you use smart bidding across the board or only for certain campaigns?

Q3 Have you tested the fully automated cross channel Performance Max campaign type and how would you feel if it replaced legacy campaign types?

Q4 What tricks do you have for helping automations perform better? Any optimization tips and/or ways you’ve prevented failures?

Q5 In what scenarios do you feel manual management is still better than automated #ppc?

Q6 How do you plan to stay relevant in a #ppc world where more and more of what we used to do is getting automated?

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