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Staying Sane in PPC | EP184 PPCChat Roundup

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Julie came up with a great topic for this time of the year, especially here in the UK,with the issues of Covid still causing a bit of confusion and havoc, we chatted through the topic of staying sane in PPC. How do you do that when there's lots going on.

Its Christmas time, you want to see family and with the drastic weather situations in US and in Canana. On top of that there are lots of clients asking random question which for me a lot of the time don't make sense. So talking about how we stay sane, sharing tips on how we do that together is definitely very important! Let's see what our experts share with us today.

Listen to this podcast episode on staying sane in PPC:

The questions covered are:

Q1 How are you feeling, mental health wise, lately in PPC and life?

Q2 What do you think are some of the biggest mental health challenges we can face in PPC?

Q3 What do you wish clients or stakeholders knew about how their actions

(or inactions) may impact the mental health of their PPC professionals?

Q4 When you’re having a tough time, what do you do to try to make it better or get through it?

Q5 Are certain seasons or types or work more stressful for you? Do you have any mechanisms or strategies in place to help yourself during those times?

Q6 Are there any resources you’ve found that you find helpful for “staying sane in PPC”?

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