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How to Say No in PPC | EP177 PPCChat Roundup

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

We are led again and ever so consistently by Julie Bacchini, on a very important topic where we talk about the art of saying no in PPC.

Especially at the beginning, when we're trying to find our feet, trying to get those first few clients, we might give away things for free or just do more than we've budgeted for do more than what our scope of work indicates, because we want to please a client and we're going to talk about ways we say no respectfully, but also in a way that communicates our worth, which I think is a very important conversation. I think is a very important conversation not just for PPC, but for any marketing job, any businesses or even anything that you're doing, especially for freelancers and contractors, like I am. So, yeah. I hope you enjoy this episode today and take some very good lessons with you.

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Listen to the latest podcast episode on how to diplomatically say no in PPC:

The questions covered are:

Q1: Do you ever say no to clients and/or stakeholders? If not, why not?

Q2: Are there certain requests that you will always say no to (or want to say no to)?

Q3: How do you generally position your “No” answers to clients and/or stakeholders?

Q4: Have you ever turned down a project? Why did you say no? How did you say no?

Q5: Has your criteria for when you say no to something changed in the last year? If so, how?

Q6: What kind of pushback have you gotten from clients or stakeholders when you’ve said no to something? How did you handle it?

Q7: What is the most outrageous request you’ve gotten for PPC? How did you handle it?

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