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Unpopular Takes on PPC | EP176 PPCChat Roundup

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

So today we're led by the awesome Julie Bacchini taking us on a very interesting topic. Pretty much spun out of, Amalia Fowler mentioning the fact that she does not like pizzas. So we decided to have topic on, controversial unpopular takes on PPC and non PPC thoughts. And we looked at platforms as a whole, but not just that, but different tactics within mainly like paid search, but also paid social.

Listen to the podcast episode on our favourite unpopular takes on PPC:

The questions covered are:

Q1 What is your most controversial or unpopular take on paid search?

Q2 What is your most controversial or unpopular take on paid social?

Q3 What is your most controversial or unpopular take on any aspect of PPC (automation, attribution, reporting, privacy, etc.)?

Q4 What is a popular take on some aspect of PPC that you wish would never be spoken of again? Why?

Q5 What is your secret PPC conspiracy theory?

Q6 Do you have a controversial or unpopular or unusual take on a topic outside of PPC that you’d like to share?

For any feedback about the podcast, or maybe you want to give a correction about anything that has been shared to get in touch with me on Twitter, my DMS are open on the handle, @themarketinganu, or on LinkedIn.

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