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Black Friday | EP171 PPCChat Roundup Podcast

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

This week we are led not by Julie Bacchini, she's taking a break, but we are led by another expert on this topic and it's Duane Brown, taking us through some questions about Black Friday sales. So yeah, Black Friday is coming up near Thanksgiving time so we're talking the end of November, on November 26, people are going to have to start preparing for it because preparation is the key to doing it well. You don't want to rush anything you want to make sure you have your stocks are in place.

You want to make sure the channels are ready for that. All the budgets are in place and signed off. So we're going to be talking about how you prepare for Black Friday sales. So yeah, if you are one of those who has retail clients, they will be big at this time. And it will really be good to hear as to how it's going to be different with everything that's been going on.

This year with the past couple of years with the pandemic, but also things have been going on in the news as well. People are a little bit scared, a bit sad. There's just so much going on. And sometimes you think to yourself, how is that going to affect paid search and cause that's what I think about Paid Search advertising. When you're looking at your stats and when you've seen that some metrics are not going on too well, look at what their environment is. Look at what is going on. In just people's minds what people's sentiments are towards the moment. Those are the kinds of things that will affect metrics.

So it will be interesting to see what, the state of the times is, is doing to affect how traffic is coming through.

Listen to this podcast episode on dealing with Black Friday

The questions covered are:

Q1 Have you started to prepare for Black Friday/Q4? If not, when do you usually start to prep? Why hasn't this year been different for your business?

Q2 For those who may need some inspiration... Are there any blog posts/articles/guides you found to help you prep for Black Friday?

Q3 Has anyone seen any brands launch their Black Friday deals already? I know I saw some "Black Friday" messaging in July which looks cheesy

Q4 Have you seen the increased media coverage of supply chain and postal delivery issues cropping up since Q2? Will this impact your business and in what ways?

Q5 Have you been or thought about pitching your brand to let you test a new ad platform for Q4 this year? We know Google and Facebook will be competitive... while at the same time it's important to not just rely on those 2 channels for your brand's growth

Q6 I know we do paid ads, but do you help your brands make sure there is a consistent tone/message across all marketing channels?

For any feedback about the podcast, or maybe you want to give a correction about anything that has been shared to get in touch with me on Twitter, my DMS are open on the handle, @themarketinganu, or on LinkedIn.

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