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Ecom, DTC, retail, BFCM + more | PPCChat roundup EP229

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

In today's episode, we have Julie taking a break but we have someone who's usually in the audience who's expertly answering questions. We have got the amazing Duane Brown taking the lead on our chat today. Him and his company ,, do a lot of like, DTC, retail and I feel experimental channels. So the likes that not necessarily everybody else is using the lights of Reddit, Quora, Snapchat, TikTok, this kind of stuff.

A lot of social media channels, so he's the one that will be talking about performance max shopping campaigns and how to do the really good retail type campaigns. So today he's going to be taking us on a topic of E-com, DTC (direct to consumer), retail, Black Friday and the final 62 days left in 2022.

I didn't realize it was only 62 days left. In fact, since Sunday, I've booked like three Christmas dinners with different groups of friends. And there's also a work one that we're gonna have, on the ninth. And then we've got the last, PPC Live UK event that's happening in just over two weeks, on the 24th of this month.

So, It's gonna be quite a busy 62 days and I've got a webinar that I need to be on in December and a friend wants me to do a podcast. Oh Lord. I'm gonna need to start putting a to-do list together, because I'm just gonna forget things. But yeah, let us discuss with, our experts today as to what they have plans in terms of Google Ads and paid such in terms of.

The for the last 62 days of the year, hope you enjoy.

Listen to the experts give tips on doing paid search for E-commerice and DTC during black friday and cyber monday and the holidays in general:

Questions covered:

Q1 What are you seeing out there for Black Friday? What is the good, bad and ugly? Are any brands launching sales already?

Q2 What are you doing for BFCM? Doing anything outside of your standard playbook? How are you trying to stand out?

Q3 Based on the last 10 months, have you readjusted what you expected to see in Q4 2022? Did you start the year with higher hopes after gangbuster Q4 2021. How your are bosses taking this year so far?

Q4 Seen any interesting news, data, or articles that talk about what Q4 2022 or 2023 will be like?


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