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Coping with Diminishing Data | PPCChat Roundup EP243

In this week's episode, we have Julie taking us on a very great topic, especially wth the GA four countdown we've got going on. We are going to be talking about coping with diminishing data. And it's not just about GA4, it's also about Google ads, and Microsoft implemented some things, meaning that there's some data that we are not gonna see anymore either (in regards to location targeting when it comes to audiences ).

So we're gonna be talking all about that, how we're experiencing it, how we are coping with it, how we are communicating with clients about it.

Listen to the experts discuss how they are coping with diminshing data -

Questions Covered:

Q1 What are the main types of data you regularly work with in PPC? From what sources?

Q2 Do you find you have less PPC data to work with now than you had previously? What types of data, specifically, are diminished or less available?

Q3 Has the quality and/or reliability of your PPC data changed? Where or in what way has it changed the most?

Q4 Are there any data points that you can no longer access or use because they have gone away? What type of data falls into this category for you? How are you handling the data loss?

Q5 If you could wave a wand and change something about PPC data today, what would it be and why?

Q6 Are there any data points you’re worried about diminishing or going fully away in the near future? What’s got you concerned about these particular data points?

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To avoid any confusion - men and women are most welcome to this fabulous event!!

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