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Competition - How to Analyze It & Thrive in PPC | EP226

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

In today's episode, we have Julie taking us on another great topic. This week we are gonna be talking about competition, how to analyze it and thrive in PPC. Now of course I do have to reference PPC Live UK at some point but I'm gonna start very early. Right off the bat even about how not too long ago, when I did my first talk, I talked about the new roles of a paid search manager.

And right now, more than ever, we need to keep on top of competition, knowing exactly who our competitors are, doing competition analysis and audience research, and knowing the crossovers of our audiences and other people that we might or might not think of as a competitors. So likewatching tv, taking in media, now YouTube is a competitor of Netflix, which is competitor of terrestrial tv. You wouldn't have thought about that ages ago, but a lot of that crossover has started happening as the industry continues to mature.

So we'll talk about how to manage that. How to notify, how to do the research in terms of who our competitors are and, how to thrive in the middle of high competition. All right, let's go.

Questions we covered:

Q1 Is analyzing the competitive landscape something you do for your clients or brand? If so, how often do you do an analysis?

Q2: Are there any tools you like to use when performing competitive analysis for PP

Q3 Are there areas that you find matter more now than in years past? If so, what areas tend to be most impactful in competitive reporting?

Q4 Do you provide PPC services for a highly competitive industry or industries? If so, what is your biggest challenge competitively?

Q5 If you are doing PPC for a more niche or less competitive or less established industry, what are your biggest challenges competitively?

All the links shared can be found on Karooya's blog of this episode.

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