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Burnout & When You Just Don’t Enjoy PPC | PPCChat Roundup EP278

Listen here to the discussion of what it takes to keep burnout at bay:

In today's episode, we have the awesome Julie Bacchini taking us on a really great discussion topic, which is talking about when you just don't enjoy PPC and talking about burnout. So burnout and just not enjoying PPC, whether it's because of the people or the technology or platforms or just different kind of things.

PPC Freelancing

This topic is to help those who are in PPC, who have been in it for a long time, for a short time, to get through the mundane, get through the firefighting moments (because both are not enjoyable), and just to get to a point where you are enjoying it and have motivation for the job.

Questions covered: Q1 How long have you been working in PPC? And are you in-house, agency or freelancer/consultant?

Q2 Have you ever felt burned out or had a period where you just were not enjoying PPC for a while? Did anything in particular lead up to the burnout or lack of enjoyment feelings?

Q3 Is there a particular part of PPC that tends to make you feel more burnt out or dislike PPC work?

Q4 What did/do you do to help alleviate the burnout or lack of enjoyment in your PPC work? What was most helpful for you?

Q5 Are there things you do to help prevent burnout or decreased enjoyment with your PPC work?

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