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Breaking Into PPC Speaking | EP205 PPCChat Roundup

Updated: May 19, 2022

We've got the fantastic Julie leading us on another fantastic topic if I do say so myself. We're talking about breaking into PPC speaking. It's a topic very close to my heart because I love talking. I have spoken at several conferences like Brighton SEO, SMX, Marin Live, Ad World Experience and I even get called back which I feel is the best compliment.

It means that they liked me the first time they want me back a second time. So, it's been such a privilege and I really just got into it because the guy who runs BrightonSEO, Kelvin Newman, I literally just send him an email about one of his events several years ago and went, "Hey, I'd like to speak" and he said yes!

Because the price of tickets are still quite high and I didn't want to pay for it, but I still wanted to go. So I was like, "Hey, how can I get a free ticket? Maybe if I speak" and I did and have not looked back ever since.

So we talk about, the more sophisticated way of pitching than just asking the organizer, of getting into speaking events.

How to pitch, talking about what stops people from pitching, how to give a good talk, and how to prepare for it. I hope that gives you some ideas. I hope that encourages you to do most peaking gigs. And if you're in the UK, especially, approach me even!

I am not, I don't actually do pitches and I've set up an event, a PPC event in London, UK, and the first one is going to be on the 28th of July. It's going to be the only locally organised PPC event in London. I want to do it every couple of months and I'm going to have three or four speakers and a Q and A session.

So speakers who want to speak at PPC Live UK, just ask. Show me a good topic you want to talk about and let's go. But yeah, obviously a lot more complicated with some other styles. And so other conferences that, especially the ones with the high ticket prices. So let's talk about how you get into those.

Listen to the latest episode to learn ways to get on conference stages with confidence!:

The Questions we covered were:

Q1 Have you spoken at an event (in person or virtual) about a PPC topic? If not, is this something you’re interested in doing?

Q2 For those who are interested in speaking at conferences and events, but have not spoken, what has been the primary reason you have not spoken? Not applied? Pitch rejected? Don’t know where to start?

Q3 For those who have spoken at conferences and events, what is your best advice for people who want to get their first chance to speak?

Q4 What do you think makes a great speaker or presenter? Anyone you’ve seen in the past who you thought was outstanding? What made them great?

Q5 For those who have not spoken at an event or want to speak more... What questions do you have about getting speaking gigs and how to prepare for them that our more experienced speakers might be able to answer?

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