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Beyond The Click - Leaning into CRO for PPC | EP213 PPCChat Roundup

In today's episode, we have Julie taking us on a very great chat that I felt that is something that we should be talking about - as in not just about what PPC does, but also what affects PPC as well. Those conversations are really important. So today we talk about Beyond the Click - Leaning into CRO for PPC.

Do you know what CRO stands for? I won't make you hold your breath. It stands for conversion rate optimization. So we're going to be talking about the importance of conversion rate optimization, for paid search professionals, whether it's part of their job, whether it's part of someone else's job.

There was an interesting, back and forth especially between Julie and I about that. Excited to take you through that.

Listen to the expert opinions on the importance of knowing at least the basics of conversion rate optimisation as a PPC Manager

Here are the questions we discussed:

Q1 What, if anything, does the term CRO mean to you?

Q2 Do you have any experience in CRO (conversion rate optimization) and/or have you worked on or with the teams who are responsible for the web site/landing page experience?

Q3 Is it part of your regular practice to review landing pages and/or web sites when either pitching or working on PPC accounts? Why or why not?

Q4 Do your clients or stakeholders view the post click experience to be part of your responsibility? How do you address post click issues with them when you find them?

Q5 What is the biggest hindrance, post click, that you have encountered for the accounts you have worked on? Were you able to do anything about it?

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