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Beyond Google & Facebook - Finding Success on Other Platforms | PPCChat Roundup EP261

Listen here to our experts give their opinions on succeeding in PPC beyond Google and Facebook:

In today's episode, we have Julie leading us on a talk about beyond Google and Facebook. When it comes to PPC, you can find success on other platforms like Quora, Reddit, even Bing and the likes of Twitter/X, and more.

Platform melt down

It's all about ensuring that you are where your customers are and you're doing that audience research and you know where they want to see you as well. So I hope you get a lot of learnings from this and a lot of takeaways from this Slack chat.

Questions covered: Q1 What percentage of the advertising budgets that you manage are spent on Google and/or Facebook? And for what industries are you managing advertising?

Q2 What ad platforms, other than Google or Facebook, have you used for your accounts? On which have you found success?

Q3 Have you advertised on a platform that really surprised you, either by how well or how poorly ads performed on it? Any ideas as to why it worked or did not work for your accounts?

Q4 Is there a platform you’ve been thinking about testing but have not yet? Which one(s)? Why have you not done it yet?

Q5 Is there a segment that you think is not well covered by existing digital ad platforms? Where would you like to see this segment covered?

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