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B2B PPC in 2022 | EP208 PPCChat Roundup

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Welcome to this week's episode of the PPCChat Roundup. In today's episode, we have the glorious Julie Bacchini, glorious, yes I said it. She's back at the helm taking us through a fantastic chat about a very important topic right now, though, it kind of evolved out of us talking about Google marketing live.

We talk about B2B in PPC 2022. Yes It kind of evolved from two consecutive weeks of having chats about Google marketing live, mainly because there was no mention about solutions for B2B channels or for small businesses, for the the kinds that still wants to make the most of Google search or Facebook and paid social, etc, but still find automation to be very limiting for what they need.

So we talk about B2B, how we use it, our frustrations with the tech tools that are available for mostly retail and e-commerce companies and we just really express our frustrations and give our wishes on what we'd love solutions to look like for B2B. So hope you enjoy.

Listen to the full episode of our thoughts and frustrations on B2B in PPC in 2022:

Questions covered:

Q1 If you are working in B2B PPC, for which industries/categories are you managing advertising? And are you doing search, social or both?

Q2 Which platforms are you advertising on for your B2B clients or brands?

Q3 What, if anything, is working well for you right now for B2B PPC in search advertising?

(Next question will be social

Q4 What, if anything, is working well for you right now for B2B PPC in social advertising?

Q5 What is your biggest frustration in B2B PPC?

Q6 If the platforms were listening to this chat, what would you request of them to make the B2B advertising experience better?

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