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Are Tech Companies Out of Touch with What People Actually Want? | PPCChat Roundup EP256

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Listen here to our experts give their opinions on whether tech companies are out of touch with what people really want:

In today's episode, we have Julie taking us on another great topic, talking about - Are Tech companies out of touch with what people actually want. So this is in line with the likes of Apple coming out this week with AR and VR tech, some AR/VR tech that looks like there are big wearables over your head, looking like massive glasses to see new virtual reality kind of stuff.

Platform melt down

We talk about all of that and, and, and I hope you enjoy that because it was a very interesting discussion. Very interesting thought process. And I actually really encourage people to go on Twitter, go on any of your social medias and give your opinions about it.

Well, especially on Twitter, on our hashtag #PPCChat. Let us know what you think about augmented reality and virtual reality and what that means for the future. So let's get into what our community thinks about that for now. All right - hope you enjoy.

Questions being covered:

Q1 Do you think that AI is being over, properly or under hyped by tech platforms right now either generally or relative to PPC?

Q2 What do you think are the best uses of what is currently referred to as “AI” in tech and ad platforms right now or in the future?

Q3 What are your thoughts and/or feelings about VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and similar technologies being pushed by tech platforms currently?

Q4 Do you think that AR/VR have an important role to play in our future tech interactions? And how, if at all, do you see this impacting PPC?

Q5 What is the most exciting tech advancement relative to PPC that is happening now, and why is it exciting?

Q6 What is the most concerning and/or overhyped tech advancement relative to PPC that is happening now, and why is it concerning?

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