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Adventures in Conversion Tracking in 2023 | PPCChat Roundup EP259

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Listen here to our experts give their opinions on their adventures in conversion tracking:

In today's episode, we have Julie leading us on a talk about Adventures in convesion tracking in 2023. So, AKA, how are you dealing with GA4 and all the issues it's throwing your way? Yeah, I can imagine a lot of us are in that hole.

Platform melt down

What the heck is going on in terms of conversion tracking? And if you're in that camp, this episode is for you. I hope you listen, I hope you enjoy and realize you're not alone.

For those who are finding GA4 a breeze or those who have just decided not to use GA4 and you are completely different issues or just not having any issues at all, well, be empathetic and listen to how the other side are doing.

But whichever side you're on, I hope you enjoy, learn something and take great takeaways. Maybe think about how you could be doing things better, in terms of conversion tracking for your clients.

Questions covered: Q1 What types of conversion actions are you currently tracking in your PPC campaigns? What method do you use to track the conversions (Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, third party tool, etc.)?

Q2 Have you encountered any issues with conversion tracking lately? If so, on which platforms and what did you do to try to solve it?

Q3 Do you find some platforms are better at or easier to track conversions on? If so, which are better and worse and why?

Q4 What are the biggest roadblocks you encounter when it comes to properly tracking PPC conversions in 2023? How do you handle those situations?

Q5 With Apple potentially stripping out UTM parameters as early as Q4 2023, including Google and Facebook ads parameters, how do you plan to capture conversions that should be attributed to ads?

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