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Getting the Most Out of Microsoft Advertising in 2022 | EP195 PPCChat Roundup

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

In today's episode, we've got another of my fellow PSA board members (that's the Paid Search association - check 'em out), John Lee talking with Julie on the topic of Getting the most out of Microsoft advertising in 2022.

John is head of evangelism at Microsoft advertising, also known as Bing ads teams (you'll get that joke by listening got this episode), but yes, we've got a great chat talking about, similar to what Google did, Microsoft coming out with updates this year. There've been announcements, and when the times change, the market and the platforms have to change as well. So we'll be talking about what's coming ahead.

Listen to this podcast episode on getting the most out of Microsoft Advertising:

The questions discussed were:

Q1 Are you currently advertising on the Microsoft Advertising network? If not, why not?

Q2 What types of campaigns are you running in Microsoft Advertising?

Q3 Is there anything in Microsoft Advertising’s platform that you have wanted to try but have not yet? Why haven’t you?

Q4 This question is directed at @John_A_Lee but please reply to and comment on what he shares here. John - what are some of the new features and capabilities Microsoft Advertising has rolled out recently?

Q5 For search campaigns, what is your go-to optimization strategy? Or said another way, what optimization strategy do you prioritize and/or spend the most time working on?

Q6 What could Microsoft Advertising be doing better or more to benefit you, your campaigns and your clients?

Q7 Do you have questions for @John_A_Lee about Microsoft Advertising?

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