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Hello, I'm Anu Adegbola

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I am a Paid Search Account Director & the happiest person in marketing.
Passionate about - PPC, Automation, Microsoft Excel, sharing evolving PPC best practices and empowering women.
Fun facts - I survive on coffee, I have a cat, I ride a Vespa and love singing and travelling


I am the founder of PPC Live UK the only locally-run London-based PPC event. Our first event will be on July 28th, and it will run every two months. 

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I am also the host and producer of #PPCChat Roundup a weekly podcast where I roundup the weekly Twitter discussion that happens every Tuesday at 5 pm GMT.   




Anu's sense of vision and possibility is something I've always admired and when she joined Brainlabs in 2020, I had the privilege of seeing the inner workings of this process. Anu has a terrific sense of balance between concrete, measurable actions and the larger quilt of the impact her work can have. When assessing projects or plans, Anu demonstrated attention to the effectiveness and targeting of our goals.

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Carrie Albright

Social Media Coordinator - NAAEE


From our first phone conversation, I knew I would love working with Anu and that she was special. And she proved this over the months that we worked together, as well as through the friendship we have built since then. She’s charismatic, passionate about digital and has great knowledge of the media world. If you have the chance, work with her because she’s great!

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Marta Garcia Bravo

Senior Search Associate Director,  MediaCom


Anu was genuinely a joy to work with. When she joined as the new leader of the team she took the time to meet with everyone individually. Although that may sound like a small act, it was rather nice. I knew that she really wanted to hear what I thought and wanted to connect to the team. She wasn't a leader separate of the team, but a leader within the team. I always felt that I could approach her and that my contributions and ideas were valued.

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Chase Bogan Sellars

Senior Graphic Designer, Brainlabs


I've worked with Anu for two years and she has been one of the most impressive digital marketers that I have seen. Anu has a thirst for knowledge and consistently pushes herself to excel, whether that's in the sales number she hits or the innovations she brings to the team. Constantly pushing the boundaries of digital marketing has made her a huge asset to the team and a star in the industry.


Chris Ellsmore

General Growth Manager 

Monica Vinader Ltd


I had a brilliant opportunity to work with Anu at Zoopla. She was not only a PPC Manager but also a great Mentor. I was impressed with Anu's ability to handle the toughest clients - effortlessly. She brings a smile to the team even on crisis day. She has exceptional skills in PPC and is an Excel Ninja. I miss her tips that can save time while auditing PPC Campaigns. Any employee would be lucky to have Anu as a manager.


Pavani KV

Senior SEO Manager -

Moda Furnishings Ltd


Of the very many marketers I have trained in recent years Anu stands out for a number of reasons. She is smart and has a keen grasp of strategy. She is empathetic and very capable when it comes to insights and research. And she is fast and very capable of tactical delivery. In short, she is an ideal marketer and any company would be very lucky to have her. Nice too.


Mark Ritson

Virtual Marketing Professor

Marketing Week Mini MBA


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