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Top 5 Topics of 2021 - Year End Review

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

The year 2021 is almost over and so it's time to look over the topics that our listeners liked the most. Thanks to my great hosting tool Anchor I know which are the topics you've liked the most. Thanks to our awesome lead in this community, Julie Bacchini, we went through some very interesting topics. Some were going deep into Paid Search, some were looking at the past, future and some wre just some wonderful therapy sessions, talking about getting along in this industry.

You may remember that I did a similar article in July. Some of the top topics remained the same but we have some new entries.

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This topic again gets top position. Google may have delayed their plans for removing cookie tracking completely from their portfolio of products with the FloC solution but there is still lots of preparation to be done. Have you gotten the hang of GA4 yet?

This was a very interesting topic as there were so many changes and updates this year we decided to roll up the discussion of two major updates in one discussion. One about Google now matching the most relevant keywords possible (insert multiple face palms here) and their machine learning based data driven attribution models (more automation - shocker!). It was most definitely an emotional topic.

With Mr Facebook leading us into the Metaverse - we decided to gather and talk about the future of PPC.

Behind Data Privacy - Automation has been the second most talked about topic this year. With a lot of the automation advances that we feel Google has been pushing down our throats - Responsive Search Ads, Smart Campaigns, Smart bidding, Smart Shopping, Auto recommendations etc., there’s a lot of question as to what to do with it. Who has tested them, what are the results, are Google only caring about their profits or will these changes make a difference for us and what does that mean for Paid Search managers as a role - will our role become redundant?

It was really nice to see some of the answers that came in and my favorite is when we go to discussing some of our biggest mistakes that we've made. Like literally you need to, at least, even if you don't have time to listen to the whole, wait until you get to that question and hear some of the mistakes that some of us have made and how we've survived and kept going, despite it all. Unsurprisingly a popular episode because people want to know how they compare. ;)


Its been an interesting 2021. Loads of ups and downs and never a dull moment in the Paid Search world. We'd definitely love Google to stop spinning our heads with all their new updates but hey, at leas it'll give us something to talk about eh? And that's not a bad thing. Happy New Year and wishing praying your keywords CPC's are ever in your favour.


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