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Realising What I Value in a Job

At the end of 2021, I started making plans for what direction I wanted my career to take in 2022. This led me to a role posted on LinkedIn which I applied for and was fortunate enough to be called in for an interview and receive the job offer.

Upon reflecting on this experience with a friend, I came to recognize the magnitude of this accomplishment.

It was an immense contrast to the countless applications I had sent in the past without any response or interviews that didn't lead to a job offer.

This time, I had applied for just one role and was successful. I attribute this to my growing understanding and goals.

If you'd asked me even only a few years ago that such a streamlined job search process was possible - I'd laugh.

But it is. And not just for me, but for you too.

It's taken a lot of hard work - on myself and building my community.

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